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Home Rehabilitation

DON has completed 33 home repairs on the Lower East Side. In addition to home repairs, DON has built new homes in the Elm Street area. DON Has completed some houses using the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHLBank) Affordable Housing Program (AHP).


New houses NOT included in the FHLBank AHP:

206 S Mulberry St - 11/12/2019 

506 Spruce St - 09/19/2022  


New houses included in the FHLBank AHP program:

311 Pine St - 02/04/2020

208 Pine St - 05/19/2020

703 Countyline St - 08/03/2020

605 Court St - 11/01/2020

210 Pine St - 02/26/2021

310 Pine St - 05/20/2021

724 Court St - 07/01/2021

203 S Ray St - 02/21/2022

405 Spruce St - 05/29/2023

203 S Ray St
206 S Mulbeerry St
405 Spruce St
605 Court St
310 Pine St
311 Pine St

Homes designed by Eckles Architecture

  • Costs to build new homes are $150,000 - $160,000

  • Homes are selling for $42,000 to $49,000

  • FHLBank’s Affordable Housing Program awarded DON 3 grants to cover gap funding.

  • Homes are built on a slab and are 2 to 3 bedrooms with attached garage.

  • All homes will be visitable/universally designed

  • Allows for the home to be modified, so homeowners can age in place.

  • 2 of the homes will be sold to individuals with a disability.

  • 1 home will be sold to an individual recovering from domestic violence.

Examples of Home Rehabilitation 

720 Court Street




204 Mulberry Street




GB 07.12.2020 Bialobrezskie Day 42.jpg

Project PA Hemp Home 

The residence at 506 Spruce Street, New Castle, PA, 16101 was offered at the June 26, 2020 Lawrence County Pennsylvania Judicial (free and clear) Sale.  DON purchased the property at the sale for $2,941.25.  At the time of the tax sale, DON was involved in a number of different housing grant projects and had the intention to completely renovate a blighted property using a majority of hemp-based materials.  To find a property suitable for the project, DON created a list of approximately 30 blighted residences.  DON obtained further grants to achieve its goal.  Certain grant funds DON received were restricted to a specific geographic area only and that restriction is what ultimately led DON to choose the residence at 506 Spruce for the project.  Once the work of deconstructing 506 Spruce Street began, it was discovered that the home had extensive termite and carpenter ant damage throughout the entire structure and, in fact, was in much worse shape than originally thought.  The termite/ant damage was so severe that 90% of the structural wood framing had to be replaced during construction.  At one point, the house needed to be lifted on jacks to replace the beams.  By the end of the project, the formerly vacant, dilapidated residence at 506 Spruce was transformed into a completely remodeled, essentially brand-new eco-friendly home. 

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